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Telecom analytics titan Mobileum Inc. has been selected by NTT Communications Corporation for integrating its cutting-edge technology platform into the rapidly evolving global connected car market. Mobileum’s solution, composed of connectivity management, testing, and fraud prevention capabilities, aims to ensure continuous, secure connectivity, whilst addressing the associated rise in potential fraud threats.

The cellular Internet of Things (IoT) market is set to undergo a significant transformation, thanks to the advancements in eSIM technology, as highlighted in recent research conducted by Omdia. The adoption of eSIM is expected to skyrocket, driven by the GSMA SGP.31/32 specifications, offering unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and choice to enterprises across the globe.

CITIC Telecom CPC and INSYS icom are joining forces to extend reach into Asian markets, providing dependable private Ethernet for Industrial Internet of Things devices. Aiding this collaboration is CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ platform, ensuring secure, local IIoT data control. With its digitalization expertise, INSYS icom aims to simplify global IIoT infrastructure deployment, overcoming complex business and regulatory challenges.

Unveiling a transformative pact in the maritime industry, Spain’s Sateliot and maritime container tracking leader T42 aim to revolutionize container tracking and monitoring with 5G-IoT technology. This exceptional venture will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors linked to Sateliot’s LEO satellite constellation, promising unparalleled oversight over sea-borne goods.

Ericsson, Vodafone, and Qualcomm Technologies recently pioneered data transmission via RedCap on a European network for the first time, unlocking a more streamlined, efficient mode of connectivity for IoT and other devices. Tested on Vodafone Spain’s 5G platform, the Ericsson’s RedCap technology enhances connectivity potential while providing economic and efficient data transmission. Furthermore, the demonstration introduced a new technology, New Radio Light, for extending battery life of customer devices.

Telecommunication giant BT, in collaboration with Nokia and MediaTek, is exploring the potential of 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Recently conducted trials at BT’s research centre aimed at uncovering new use-cases for this technology, which, simplified and less complex than 4G, promises a more efficient IoT ecosystem. As suggested by BT’s Chief Networks Officer, Greg McCall, the RedCap technology could “unlock a new wave of innovation” within the 5G landscape.

EchoStar, in a strategic partnership with The Things Industries, enriches its European IoT strategy by introducing a terrestrial element. With The Things Industries’ unique server technology, EchoStar aims to facilitate uninterrupted, real-time communication for IoT devices via terrestrial or satellite channels. While no specific application cases were disclosed, a limited-time trial service provides customers with a glimpse into their orchestrated offerings.