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KKR’s recent acquisition of a segment of Singtel’s data centre business, marking a staggering valuation of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo at S$5.5 billion, signals enduring private equity interest in telecommunications, regardless of economic turbulence. The move intends to boost Singtel’s regional expansion, piggybacking on the booming data centre industry and skyrocketing enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services. This symbiotic partnership, leveraging Singtel’s expertise and KKR’s track record, promises to advance InfraCo’s growth in markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Telecom Italia (TIM) said it will begin official discussions with KKR nearly four months after the US investment firm made a non-binding offer of $11.8 billion for the business. TIM said it has invited its CEO and chairman to speak with KKR to learn more about its prospective proposal after an almost six-hour board meeting on Sunday.    TIM noted in a statement that its board of directors had directed CEO PietroLabriola and chairman Salvatore Rossi to conduct formal conversations with KKR in addition to those already held by its advisers in order to maximize shareholder value in respect to other potential interested parties. The release  went on to say that the goal was to get information on the financial and industrial appeal and execution of KKR’s offer, as well as to define the length and breadth of the applicable confirmatory due diligence sought by the fund prior to a…

The Italian telecoms operator TIM is evaluating the US investment group’s KKR expression of interest in acquiring the full capital stake of the company, a potential 11 billion euro transaction. The proposal was lodged by the US investment fund at a price of €0.505 per share, a 45.7 percent premium over the share’s closing price on Friday.   TIM described KKR’s expression of interest as “friendly,” with the goal of securing approval from TIM’s board and management. Telecom Italia said its board of directors met and addressed the fund’s interest in initiating a prospective public tender, which is subject to a four-week period of due diligence and clearance from the Italian government, that has veto power over the group’s purchase.   Although TIM is a private corporation, because it is considered a strategic asset for Italy, the Italian government has the right to decline any purchase that it believes would…

Altice Group strategically eyes shedding its 50.1% sharing in XpFibre, triggering a ripple of interest from major players like KKR & Co., Macquarie Group, and others. While KKR & Co, Macquarie Group, and CDPQ are all reported to be keen on acquiring the stake, no financial bids have surfaced to date. Meanwhile, Altice Group’s decision to divest isn’t surprising, given its $60 billion debt, and recent considerations to sell other assets.

Vodafone’s potential sale of its Italian operations to Fastweb amid TIM’s anticipated network sales sets the scene for a transforming Italian telecom landscape. Amid these changes, Fastweb’s potential merger or acquisition of Vodafone appears rational due to current market dynamics. Nonetheless, political wrangling, rival suitors, and ever-changing regulatory landscapes act as potential roadblocks to this merging of forces. The news underlines the need for strategic shifts amongst Italy’s leading telecom operators amidst significant changes.