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Neos Networks accelerates its journey toward 100 on-net data centres with the new addition of two pivotal UK sites to its fibre network. Offering secure and high-capacity connectivity, these centres bolster the UK’s tech hubs while surging towards embracing digital innovations and reliable connectivity. The impact of such expansion unfolds an intriguing storyline of the country’s evolving connectivity landscape.

Ekinops, a telecom solutions leader, has unveiled its OneOS6-LIM, a game-changing virtualization solution. This innovation optimizes hardware, integrating an efficient ONEe600 router to provide top-notch services, debunking doubts about uCPE economics. Ekinops’ partnership with EANTC AG solidified its position as a potent player in NFV, offering quick ROI for service providers.

As the UK’s fibre landscape intensifies with rising competition, leading players are racing to expand gigabit-capable broadband nationwide. Noteworthy, alternative network providers, referred to as “AltNets”, are displaying proactive strategies to swiftly deploy networks. On the other hand, traditional companies are recognising opportunities in fibre rollout, as seen in Openreach’s pricing approach of their wholesale lines.

Orange launches satellite broadband service in France Orange-owned satellite broadband business Nordnet has officially launched its satellite broadband service in France. As is well known, Neosat provides broadband services of up to 100 Mbps to homes and businesses in areas with poor connectivity for less than €40 per month. Nordet launched its services just as a new generation of satellite broadband services is beginning to emerge around the globe. The company packages satellite broadband services with a fixed-line telephone service, together with unlimited calls to fixed and mobile telephones and certain other destinations. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/ap4rdryh Microsoft acquires Marsden  In continuation to expand its capabilities to better serve industry verticals, Microsoft has acquired The Marsden Group, the company’s current partner focused on rapid prototyping and digital transformation for industrial customers. The acquisition of Marsden, an existing Microsoft Gold partner, will accelerate Microsoft’s capability to take advantage of its cloud,…

Telia takes a big step toward IoT The Swedish operator Telia has launched a global IoT connectivity offering for enterprises, pledging that it can cut almost a third off the average cost of IoT communications. The new portfolio is called Telia Global IoT Connectivity. In a statement, the operator said that the portfolio consists of a Telia eSIM, that is powered by eUICC, a global ecosystem of pre-integrated operators, a one-of-a-kind programmable network and a cloud-based platform for system management. Björn Hansen, Head of IoT at Telia, said: “This is a true game changer for IoT connectivity.” Read more: https://tinyurl.com/wtk6d7pi Ekinops with Orange gives 5G a trial run  Ekinops has successfully completed 5G business connectivity testing with Orange Business Services at its Orange Labs. To test the connectivity, Ekinops used its 5G-capable OneAccess router that is based on its OneOS6 software. According to Ekinops, the software enables a variety of…