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Despite a minor dip in its median download speed, T-Mobile continues to reign in mobile performance. However, Verizon and AT&T are gradually closing the gap, as reflected in Ookla’s recent market report. Nonetheless, T-Mobile remains dominant, not only in download speed but across most network parameters. The race is particularly close in 5G latency and consistency, where all three telecom giants exhibit competitive performance. Stay tuned as these corporate titans strive to have the final say in technological supremacy.

As Hurricane Idalia sets its sights on Florida for this week’s impending landfall, Verizon is taking proactive measures to ensure the readiness of its personnel and resources, poised for rapid deployment to aid in the swift recovery of critical communication infrastructure. With the anticipation of substantial damage caused by the storm’s fierce winds and flooding, Verizon’s network team is preparing for worst-case scenarios.

The uptake of fixed wireless access technology in the US is surging, especially with T-Mobile US and Verizon driving this trend. These telecom behemoths could potentially outstrip their predicted subscriber figures, as suggested by recent data. Both companies registered almost 900,000 customer net additions to their 5G-based fixed wireless services in just the second quarter.

To provide immediate relief, Verizon has extended its offering of unlimited calling, texting, and data services for prepaid and postpaid customers residing on Maui. This special arrangement, available from August 10 to August 31, 2023, aims to provide solace to thousands of consumers and small business owners who heavily depend on their mobile devices during this challenging period. The initiative covers all prepaid and postpaid consumer and small business customers with billing addresses on Maui.

In an impressive advancement for 5G technology, Verizon has secured a $45.5 billion C-band spectrum, overcoming hurdles posed by satellite operators once occupying parts of this range. As operators transitioned off the C-band, motivated by the FCC’s lucrative rewards, Verizon confirms the completion of this process. This newfound access paves the path for an expansion that could amplify the bandwidth for 5G users nationally, providing a minimum of 140MHz of spectrum throughout the US, with full 200MHz access in a portion of markets.

Verizon Business and HCLTech shake hands in a significant $2.1 billion deal, blending Verizon’s renowned technological capabilities with HCLTech’s Managed Network Services. The partnership is geared to invigorate clients’ operations with next-gen technologies, buttressing the modernization of service delivery and putting Verizon on the fast track to revitalizing its fixed-line business. Following this, major portions of Verizon’s operations will smoothly transition to HCLTech.

Verizon Business has announced that it will provide a variety of network connectivity options to Siemens, a German global technology business, in order to maintain the security of its employees’ devices and data. The solutions will provide Siemens employees in smaller office locations with a smooth “plug and play” user experience while emphasizing security and zero trust principles. Siemens’ zero-trust initiative demands that all employee devices be verified, approved and continually checked before access to mission-critical applications and data is granted or retained. Verizon Business will implement an “internet only” connection, such as a global Managed Wide Area Network based on Cisco Meraki technology, which is vital to the success of the Siemens’ “never trust, always verify” program. According to Sanjiv Gossain, EMEA Vice President, Verizon Business, an intelligent network may make underlying architectures more agile by controlling traffic and improving operational efficiency. He noted that while every…