News Roundup


Skim through the roundup of weekly news in telecoms.

Telecom News | Week #24: WBA report on Wi-Fi, Bango consumer subscription study, D&H focus on AI, Amdocs eSIM simplification, HP study on AI. News Roundup

WBA’s new report promotes OpenRoaming™ and Passpoint technology to enhance public Wi-Fi interaction. Telecom operators might gain from providing content hubs for managing multiple subscriptions.
D&H Distributing starts FY 2025 strong with a 20% sales increase in key categories like cloud solutions and networking. Amdocs and Google Cloud collaborate to simplify eSIM activation. HP and Oxford Economics found that global leaders are highly enthusiastic about using technology.

Telecom News | Week #23: CX reports on data privacy, Eaton launches NetDirector, neutral internet exchange shift, Lanner unveils next-gen AI. News Roundup

The ‘Global State of CX 2024’ report by CX Network highlights rising concerns about data privacy and security. Eaton’s NetDirector KVM over IP switches allow remote management of up to 32 devices with robust security, space-saving design, and compatibility. DE-CIX study shows 70% of major US Internet Exchanges are now neutral. Lanner unveils the ECA-6051, a high-performance edge AI server.

Telecom News | Week #22: IOEMA Fibre new project, XL Axiata cloud network, AppDirect AI marketplace launch, Cynomi vCISO platform expansion. News Roundup

A new high-capacity data backbone spanning the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Norway promises increased capacity and redundancy. XL Axiata and Ericsson team up to integrate 4G and 5G services into a cloud-based network. AppDirect introduces AppDirect AI, a secure marketplace allowing users to create AI apps without coding. Cynomi expands its vCISO services to European MSPs and MSSPs, prioritizing data localization.

Telecom News | Week #21: GoTo scam detection, UK network expansion, Anritsu service validation, Aryaka Madrid POP, DRFortress cloud on-ramp. News Roundup

GoTo’s new AI-powered scam detection feature aims to protect users from rising remote support scams. Freedom Fibre secures funding for rural fibre rollout, Openreach extends network, but low uptake rates pose challenges.
Anritsu’s MasterClaw Service Assurance is now validated on Red Hat OpenShift, enhancing its cloud-native benefits. Aryaka expands its network with a new PoP in Madrid. DRFortress and Megaport have partnered to launch a new public cloud on-ramp solution.

Telecom News | Week #20: Verizon new AI tool, European Commission antitrust charges, Telstra new regional hub, Telco struggles in B2B. News Roundup

Verizon launches AI-driven apps to improve customer service by streamlining interactions. The European Commission designates as a ‘gatekeeper’ and plans antitrust charges against Microsoft for bundling Teams with Office. Telstra establishes a regional network hub in Guam at GNC iX data center. GlobalData underscores US telcos’ struggle to stand out in the B2B channel.

Telecom News | Week #18: Versa SASE platform upgrade, NordVPN and cookies, Greenlight new fiber services, RingCentral new platform features. News Roundup

Versa upgraded its SASE platform with advanced AI to bolster threat detection, accelerate remediation, and improve data protection.
NordVPN’s study shows over 54 billion leaked cookies on the dark web, highlighting how cookies have become a major target for hackers.
Greenlight introduces new affordable multi-gig fiber services designed for SMBs. RingCentral introduces innovative platform features integrating AI, video, and social messaging into workflows.

Telecom News | Week #17: Nec launches gen AI, Lumos joint venture, CEA-Leti advancing 6G, Sanas real-time AI, startups impact on tech. News Roundup

NEC launches “NEC cotomi Pro” and “NEC cotomi Light,” advanced gen AI models. Lumos will be acquired by a joint venture of EQT and T-Mobile to expand high-speed internet access. CEA-Leti leads EU projects 6G-DISAC and 6G-GOALS, revolutionizing 6G technology through smart networks. Sanas obtained a patent for its Real-Time Accent Conversion AI Technology, enabling call center agents to adapt accents and reduce background noise. GlobalData’s report highlights how startups are innovating in AI-driven medical diagnostics, IT management, and financial operations.

Telecom News | Week #16: Data center growing demand, Nokia profit surge, Telesystem cybersecurity bundle launch, use of GIS technology. News Roundup

The demand for data centers is soaring due to edge services and generative AI. Nokia’s first-quarter results showed a 19% drop in sales but a notable 52% profit increase. Telesystem has launched new cybersecurity bundles featuring updated Employee Security Awareness Training. Utility companies are using GIS technology to address infrastructure, workforce, and demand challenges.

Telecom News | Week #15: Huawei R&D complex, 6G device development, launch of MASV Solutions Partner Program, LEAP's global reach expansion. News Roundup

Huawei is nearing completion of a large R&D complex in Shanghai focused on semiconductor technology. Fujitsu, NEC, NTT, and DoCoMo have unveiled a groundbreaking ‘top-level sub-terahertz 6G device’ achieving 100 Gbps speeds over 100-meter distances in the 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands. MASV’s Solutions Partner Program simplifies large file transfers using their cloud-based platform. LEAP is expanding global customer outreach with Vonage’s Communications APIs and SIP Trunking for scalable cloud connectivity.