Sinch introduced an advancement in customer engagement with Sinch AI, an AI-powered tool integrated into their Customer Communications Cloud. AI

Sinch unveils Sinch AI, revolutionizing customer engagement with AI-powered tools in its Customer Communications Cloud. This innovation promises smarter, safer, and more efficient communication, setting a high standard in the competitive market. Sinch AI enhances marketing, support, and security, allowing businesses to deliver exceptional conversational experiences and maintain robust customer relationships.

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International and BW Digital have forged an alliance to develop the Nongsa-Changi submarine cable system. Infrastructure

Telkomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) teams up with BW Digital to develop the Nongsa-Changi submarine cable system, enhancing connectivity between Batam and Singapore. This strategic alliance aims to support digital economic growth with robust, reliable links for high-density AI applications. Completion is expected by Q4 2025, marking a significant milestone in regional digital infrastructure.

Soracom initiated a rollout of satellite NB-IoT with Skylo. This launch marks a step forward in integrating terrestrial and satellite. Broadband

Soracom’s commercial rollout of satellite NB-IoT, in partnership with Skylo Technologies, is revolutionizing IoT connectivity. Leveraging Skylo’s LEO satellite constellation, Soracom provides seamless integration of cellular and satellite IoT networks through its cloud platform. This advancement empowers businesses with reliable, global IoT services, enhancing connectivity even in remote areas.

Ericsson and Oppo sealed a multi-year cross-licensing patent agreement. This agreement encompasses patents related to cellular technologies. 5G

Ericsson and Oppo have entered a multi-year cross-licensing patent agreement, reinforcing their collaboration on 5G projects and cellular technology advancements. Oppo will make royalty payments to Ericsson under this new arrangement. This deal bolsters Ericsson’s patent portfolio and demonstrates the efficacy of business negotiations in the VoIP and 5G sectors.

South Korean telecoms giant SKT is making strides in artificial intelligence with a $200 million investment in California-based SGH. AI

South Korean telecommunications leader SKT is enhancing its position in artificial intelligence with a $200 million investment in Smart Global Holdings. By acquiring a significant stake, SKT strengthens its AI infrastructure capabilities. This strategic move underscores SKT’s commitment to evolving as a global AI powerhouse, integrated with cutting-edge Nvidia GPU technology.