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In a promising move towards transparency, UK’s BT and software giant SAP have joined forces to test SAP’s Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX) – a novel system that captures, tracks and shares data on obscure, indirect emissions, known as Scope 3. Given the numerous entities and different methodologies involved in disclosure, SDX utilizes carbon data interoperability standards to provide a unified portal for monitoring supply chain emissions data, thus streamlining the gathering and dissemination of precise Scope 3 information.

Reliance Jio Infocomm is arming itself with a significant offshore loan around $2 billion to fuel its 5G ambitions, with sources pointing towards Swedish telecom giant Ericsson as a potential gear supplier. A noteworthy credit safety net from Sweden’s EKN credit agency plays a crucial role in this strategic play, while banking behemoth BNP Paribas is slated to disburse a massive chunk of the offshore funding.

As Hurricane Idalia sets its sights on Florida for this week’s impending landfall, Verizon is taking proactive measures to ensure the readiness of its personnel and resources, poised for rapid deployment to aid in the swift recovery of critical communication infrastructure. With the anticipation of substantial damage caused by the storm’s fierce winds and flooding, Verizon’s network team is preparing for worst-case scenarios.

Telinta, a global leader in white label cloud-based switching and billing solutions, today announced the addition of new capabilities to its unique Virtual Office solution. Virtual Office is Telinta’s award winning Hosted PBX solution enabling VoIP service providers to offer highly customizable services to small and home-based businesses.  Virtual Office users can customize their own personal VoIP solution by navigating through brandable self-service web portals, selecting the features and capabilities they need.

Despite the seemingly lagging global investment in standalone 5G networks, promising trends in the telecom sector indicate an upcoming surge. With minimal progress indicated by Global Mobile Suppliers Association’s statistics, the industry pins hopes on major moves from operators like New Zealand’s Spark and Vodafone. Meanwhile, the increasing adoption of 5G SA in private networks for various sectors shows an encouraging forecast. The journey towards profitable 5G investments seems complex, yet strides are being made in the right direction.

As T-Mobile launches its 5G SA network slicing beta, it offers a unique window of opportunity to developers, aiming to improve video calling applications. With the rising demand for such apps in the remote work era, developers leveraging the tailored network slices could unlock applications showcasing faster speeds, decreased latency, and better reliability. As some experts express high hopes for the potential of network slicing, could this move revolutionize telecommunications amidst the surge in hybrid work?

With BT Group’s current CEO Philip Jansen’s departure on the horizon, the telecommunications industry is abuzz as Telia’s top-notch leader Allison Kirkby is slated to step into his shoes in 2024. Equipped with a celebrated career within the telecom sector and experience as a non-executive director at BT since 2019, Kirkby’s ascension is anxiously anticipated.