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Lucent W1, a new mixed-use development behind the world-famous Piccadilly Lights, is working with Freshwave so its tenants and visitors will enjoy in-building connectivity from all four mobile network operators (MNOs). Connectivity infrastructure-as-a-service provider Freshwave is deploying the 4G distributed antenna system (DAS) as an ongoing managed service.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), established to provide subsidized internet service to millions of US households, faces an uncertain future due to budget constraints. It’s a dilemma that could potentially disconnect current beneficiaries and limit future enrollments. However, support from influential leaders and a requested funding boost could create hope for the program’s extension.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, T-Mobile US and SpaceX are gearing up for the field testing of Starlink satellites, heralding a significant stride in eliminating mobile coverage dead zones. While the exact date for the commencement of field testing remains undisclosed, T-Mobile is optimistic about its imminent initiation, stating that the low-Earth orbit deployment of satellites sets the stage for the forthcoming trials.

In a significant move aimed at creating a formidable force in the telecommunications industry, Dish Network and EchoStar have officially concluded their merger. The strategic integration combines Dish Network’s satellite, streaming, and mobile operations with EchoStar’s robust satellite business, realizing the vision of establishing a ‘global leader’ in both terrestrial and non-terrestrial wireless connectivity.

Viasat, Inc., a global front-runner in satellite communications, has launched its innovative Business Choice internet service plans, ushering in a new era of high-speed and reliable connectivity for small-to-medium businesses nationwide. These plans cater to businesses in the most remote areas, where traditional internet services fall short, enabling them to leverage essential digital tools for optimal operations.

In a strategic collaboration, Boldyn Networks, a leading neutral host provider, has joined forces with Rome’s municipal government, Roma Capitale, to launch #Roma5G, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the city’s digital infrastructure. The 25-year concession encompasses the development and management of a comprehensive 5G and Wi-Fi network throughout Rome, catering to both residents and the anticipated influx of visitors during major events.

The Idaho Broadband Advisory Board (IBAB) has approved the allocation of $120 million from the Idaho Capital Projects Fund to support 18 broadband initiatives, providing a significant boost to over 30,000 homes and businesses across the state. In collaboration with the state government, the advisory board strategically targeted projects to enhance crucial areas including distance learning, telehealth, telework, economic development, and public safety.

Bridging the gap between past and future, the Cayman Islands are preparing to modernise their underwater cable system, crucial for their international data traffic. Despite serving admirably for decades, the two existing cables are nearing their operational longevity. As such, a $1.69 million partnership with CMC aims to overhaul connectivity, counting on expertise from firms like WFN Strategies and SBM International.

Travelers and businesses at Edinburgh Airport can expect notably improved 4G and 5G coverage, courtesy of telecom giant Vodafone. This upgrade not only means faster data speeds and better call quality, but could also pave the way for exciting new services such as digital passport controls and contactless check-in. Despite the complex infrastructure involved, Exchange Communications assures the ensuing benefits will outweigh the cost.