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Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) discloses plans of selling its data centres to BDx Indonesia, brightening BDx’s footprints in the Indonesian market. This move plays to the advantage of BDx who already operates data centres in Asia, while strengthening IOH’s commitment to enhance Indonesia’s tech landscape. Secured by substantial banking funding, this development emphasizes the continuous growth in the telecom and IT sectors.

In the ongoing technological rivalry between the United States and China, Huawei has emerged as a significant beneficiary, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). The U.S. government, in its persistent efforts to hinder China’s progress in AI development, has implemented various bans on the sale of certain products from American companies to their Chinese counterparts. The focus of this battle shifted notably to AI over the past year, with China positioning itself as a frontrunner in AI, albeit still relying on U.S. company Nvidia for crucial high-performance chips.

Brookfield Asset Management’s proposed $2.5 billion acquisition of American Tower Corporation’s Indian operations could redefine the country’s telecom landscape. This strategic move, merging around 75,000 of ATC’s sites with Brookfield’s digital infrastructure, would create the world’s second-largest independent tower company. However, government approval remains a necessary stepping stone.

In a recent surge of developments within the data center industry, Microsoft has taken the lead with its commitment to invest a staggering £2.5 billion in expanding artificial intelligence (AI) data center infrastructure in the UK. This landmark investment comes amidst a thriving year for the sector, showcasing a 13% estimated growth compared to the previous year, according to Synergy Research Group.

The race for 5G supremacy is intense, and LexisNexis IPlytics explores the landscape in their 2023 report. CEO Tim Pohlmann notes a significant surge in 5G patents, with the top 10 players owning 76% of declared patent families. The US leads in patent volume, followed by China and Europe. Huawei dominates the top 50 ranking. Pohlmann emphasizes the role of Chinese companies, particularly Huawei, in shaping the 5G sector, extending their influence to the automotive industry

The future of high-quality broadband access hinges on fiber investment, with interest spanning government, media, and network operators. Its value is in optimization, sustainability, and compatibility with the future. This technology could reshape industries, from education to smart city initiatives. The European Commission’s ambitious Digital Deco 2030, aiming to extend gigabit services to its entire populace by 2030, reflects global recognition of broadband’s potential in economic growth. Nevertheless, the disparity in gigabit-digital access remains a concern, prompting a focus on all-optical fiber networks. This reality becomes evident with Omdia’s Fiber Development Index (FDI), offering a diverse range of fiber investment metrics.