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Samsung and MediaTek have successfully tested 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology over virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRAN), potentially extending battery life for IoT devices. The test, carried out in Samsung’s R&D lab in Korea, utilized Samsung’s vRAN 3.0 software, OpenRAN compliant radio, and MediaTek’s M60 modem-equipped RedCap testing platform.

Recent data reveals a promising resurgence in the global smartphone market, with Samsung and mass-market mobile phone brands spearheading the rebound while Apple faces challenges in keeping pace. According to Canalys, smartphone sales worldwide reached 296.2 million units in the first quarter of the year, marking a notable 10% increase compared to the previous year. This growth signifies the market’s first positive double-digit year-on-year figure since early 2021, reflecting better-than-expected performance.

TELUS, in partnership with Samsung Electronics, has unveiled plans to initiate Canada’s inaugural commercial virtualized and open radio access network (RAN), marking a significant leap forward in the telecom industry. This next-generation network technology aims to elevate performance, flexibility, energy efficiency, and automation, setting a new standard for mobile connectivity across Canada.

In a strategic move to enhance the appeal of its smartphones, South Korean tech giant Samsung has joined forces with Google and Qualcomm, marking a significant collaboration in the tech industry. The focus of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series launch lies in the integration of generative AI, a result of the newfound partnership with Google Cloud.

Samsung enters the mobile AI game with Galaxy AI, its latest invention aimed to revolutionize smartphone experiences. Powered by Samsung-developed on-device AI and a cloud-based system, it incorporates remarkable features like real-time audio and text translation during phone calls. Alongside this, Samsung excites with Samsung Gauss, dedicated to streamlining diverse tasks from coding assistance to content translation – a move promising profound impacts on our technology interactions.

Samsung’s 5G CBRS Strand Small Cell solution empowers cable operators by providing a quick, cost-effective method for deploying 5G data-offloading capabilities. Field-tested and now commercially available, this compact solution has been deployed with Comcast, supporting their goal of efficient data traffic offloading and improved 5G connectivity.