The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ushered in stricter guidelines on mid-contract price changes in telecommunications, increasing the burden of clarity for operators. Historically, telecom contracts often obscured potential price fluctuations, misleading customers with allusions of fixed prices. These deceptive tactics, often rooted in fine print legalese, have necessitated ASA’s initiative for more transparent advertising. With Broadband and mobile contracts especially susceptible to annual adjustments, providers must alert customers clearly about prospective changes.

Google has unveiled new regulations requiring political advertisers to conspicuously disclose their use of AI in campaign ads, effective this November. These rules apply to any political advertisements featuring “synthetic content” depicting realistic-looking individuals or events generated by AI. This move comes in response to the rising prevalence of digitally manipulated political ads. Google insists that these AI-enhanced ads must include a clear and noticeable disclaimer.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority recently adjudicated a dispute over the supposed misleading adverts of ISP, 6G Internet. The ASA ruled that the company name erroneously suggested the availability of non-existent 6G services. The decision underlines a recurrent issue of consumer confusion over service offerings in the telecommunications sector. Despite the controversy, 6G Internet has not indicated plans to adjust their brand name, possibly sparking inevitable customer confusion as the prospect of true 6G technology looms nearer.

InMobi, a tech company providing marketing solutions to enterprises, has announced  the acquisition of the mobile data and advertising company, Pinsight Media. This all-stock deal between Pinsight Media’s previous owner Sprint and InMobi is part of a broader strategic partnership between the two companies, covering devices, data, media and marketing. “Sprint’s partnership with InMobi goes beyond this acquisition. We have been looking for a strategic partner that can deliver the latest digital marketing and mobile advertising technologies, besides having a deep appreciation of regulatory, privacy, and data concerns. This partnership provides Sprint with an innovative partner for driving our marketing success,” commented Rob Roy, the Chief Digital Officer at Sprint. Pinsight Media works with leading US telecoms service providers and advertisers to improve targeted advertising on mobile devices. InMobi will benefit from the deal by bringing the user behavior analysis and marketing strategy insights from Pinsight to the…