SK Telecom’s metaverse platform launched in 49 countries SK Telecom has expanded the reach of its “ifland” metaverse platform into 49 additional nations, thereby outstripping the reach of Meta’s Horizon Worlds. SKT says that 12.8 million people have used ifland in total. Currently, the platform is only available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. DoCoMo, a Japanese telecommunications company, is one of SKT’s local partners. Recently, the two businesses decided to work together on technology and content for the metaverse. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/2bt5a8kf CMA to investigate Apple and Google’s browser duopoly The CMA has begun a thorough market probe into Apple and Google’s market dominance in mobile browsers. Together, Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome support 97% of all mobile online traffic in the UK. The CMA worries that this duopoly discourages tech firms from investing in their browsers and stifles competition in the mobile browser market. Additionally, this dominance…