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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #47

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SK Telecom’s metaverse platform launched in 49 countries

SK Telecom has expanded the reach of its “ifland” metaverse platform into 49 additional nations, thereby outstripping the reach of Meta’s Horizon Worlds. SKT says that 12.8 million people have used ifland in total. Currently, the platform is only available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. DoCoMo, a Japanese telecommunications company, is one of SKT’s local partners. Recently, the two businesses decided to work together on technology and content for the metaverse.

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CMA to investigate Apple and Google’s browser duopoly

The CMA has begun a thorough market probe into Apple and Google’s market dominance in mobile browsers. Together, Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome support 97% of all mobile online traffic in the UK. The CMA worries that this duopoly discourages tech firms from investing in their browsers and stifles competition in the mobile browser market. Additionally, this dominance directly affects site developers due to the limitations set by the two businesses.

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Telecoms to face challenges in 2023 says Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason, a global management consulting company focused on telecommunications, media and technology, has issued a warning about the problems that the telecoms sector will face in the next year. The largest challenge for the telecoms sector in 2023 will be dealing with the effects of inflation, notably growing energy expenses. The sector is dealing with a combination of diminishing income and rising investment expenses. Over the last decade, according to Analysys Mason, telecoms have underperformed the market index and have had to bear some of the largest capital expenditures due to network and infrastructure upgrades.

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Mavenir launches its Communications Platform as a Service

Mavenir, a telecom software company, has announced the availability of its Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). The telecom’s CPaaS combines Application Programming Interface (API) enablers and prepackaged apps to provide communications service providers with a comprehensive customer engagement and business message monetization solution. As a SaaS solution, Mavenir CPaaS is delivered under a pay-as-you-grow approach that reduces upfront costs and risks, while decreasing time to market. This platform is maintained and controlled by Mavenir in the public cloud.

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Earth Wind & Power to deliver wind power to Northern European data centers

A Norwegian energy business plans to allocate up to 400 MW of surplus and pre-grid offshore wind power to provide electricity for Northern European data center infrastructure. This initiative will help Europe to meet its increasing demand for data processing power. Earth Wind & Power (EWP) uses mobile data center containers and infrastructure to transform extra energy from various resources into computer power.

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