As Algar Telecom turns 70, the prominent Brazilian ISP continues to seize market share amidst 10,000 competitors. Serving 1.5 million customers across Brazil, they masterfully intertwine fiber broadband, wireless, and content services, satisfying the divergent needs of B2B and B2C consumers. The strategic blend of high-tech infrastructure and seamless customer experience propels Algar’s journey, pivoting on the indomitable broadband, termed as the “cardinal element”. Additionally, foreseeing the potential of the imminent 5G rollout, Algar’s game plan involves marrying fixed-line connectivity with wireless services, laying a robust groundwork for the future.

The Dublin, Ireland-based company AirSpeed Telecom has partnered with Intellicom, an international business telephony and contact center provider, to integrate new Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions into the telecommunications products and bandwidth services provider’s existing product portfolio. AirSpeed Telecom said that this integration will assist end-users in their quest to achieve superior operational excellence and offer an enhanced customer experience. According to the statement, the new VoIP solutions encompass a full-featured business telephony and contact center system that carries voice and other multimedia traffic across broadband networks. AirSpeed Telecom noted that by leveraging the power of IP networks, businesses can improve customer service, increase workplace mobility and enhance remote working solutions, and also reduce telecommunications costs. “Our customers’ needs are changing and at AirSpeed, we like to think that we’re able to innovate to meet those developing requirements. While best known for high-class connectivity, AirSpeed is increasingly offering business-class…