Cloud RAN


Nokia takes a significant leap in telecom landscape with a unique Cloud RAN trial, persistently striving to achieve parity between Cloud RAN and purpose-built RAN. This strategic move, involving Elisa, explores In-Line acceleration potential, positioning Nokia in a subtle competition with Ericsson’s ‘Look-Aside’ approach. The latter’s reticence adds intrigue to this telecommunication rivalry. However, will Nokia’s In-Line strategy prove to be the more efficient route?

In an exciting leap forward for 5G technology in Europe, Ericsson and O2 Telefónica in Germany have joined forces to accomplish a remarkable feat in the development of 5G Cloud RAN technology. Their groundbreaking Proof of Concept (PoC) deployment at O2 Telefónica’s Wayra innovation hub in Munich showcased the immense capabilities of Ericsson’s first 5G Cloud RAN installation on the continent. The PoC utilized cutting-edge mmWave frequency and a centralized control unit (CU), achieving an impressive end-to-end speed of over 4 gigabits per second.