Embark on a festive journey with our 12 articles – one for each day of Christmas – exploring the dynamic realms of VoIP and the telecommunications sector. From unveiling the trends shaping the industry to enhancing professional communication skills and delving into the future of sustainable communications, each article offers a unique perspective on the evolution and impact of telecommunications.

The Facebook-owned communications platform WhatsApp has announced the rollout of their WhatsApp Business API, which will enable businesses to manage communications and send notifications and other non-promotional messages, such as appointment reminders, event tickets and more. WhatsApp has emphasized that when using this new platform, the communication must be initiated by customer sending a message or requesting information. Moreover, the communications between the two parties will incorporate end-to-end encryption, despite  traffic passing through an API. There is a cost to this service – the businesses can reply to these messages free of charge within 24 hours, while all the replies sent after this period will be charged at a set price. Another useful feature of WhatsApp Business is that it will soon be possible to use the Facebook Ads Manager to add a “click-to-chat” button on Facebook advertisements, with a direct link to WhatsApp Business chat. WhatsApp Business for Android…

New technologies, especially in wireless communications, is helping increase VoIP services. As smartphones, laptops and tablets are being more available worldwide, VoIP services are also growing and the competition between different providers is leading to a constant update in their offers. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that is spreading in companies is another key factor in this demand on VoIP. Devices like phablets (a mix between smartphones and tablets like the Galaxy S9+) are replacing computers on many aspects. The PMR (Persistence Market Research) expect the market to grow up to US$ 194.5 Billion in the next seven years. Most of this increase will be from long distance VoIP calls that could represent US$ 120 Billion in revenue.