Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a supplier of cost-effective Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions for companies of all sizes, has announced the sale and shipment of the one millionth IP desk phone to Jenne Inc., a long-time Sangoma partner. “We’ve had a long and very successful relationship with Sangoma. And part of that, is the excellence of their ‘all built in-house’ UCaaS solution, which includes tightly integrated desk phones designed for their UC environment. Desk phones continue to be an important part of the overall UC solution set, especially to brick-and-mortar businesses. The achievement of delivering one million phones to the marketplace is impressive and will continue to be a big part of Jenne’s overall success, whether that is in delivering cloud-based or on-premises solutions,” said Dean Jenne, president of sales, Jenne Inc.   Sangoma’s IP desk phones are part of an integrated cloud communications solution created and manufactured by…