Nokia’s augmentation of its Drones-as-a-Service venture promises new opportunities in North America by providing industries with various business solutions using drone technology. Options range from purchasing to leasing or sharing drones, creating opportunities for revenue streams in a broad spectrum of industries. These robust drones, deployed via 4G/LTE or 5G connections, can perform diverse tasks like remote surveillance and hazardous area inspections.

Imagine a search and rescue mission in remote rural areas, being empowered by the wings of a drone, beaming down 5G connectivity. This very scene is unfolding in Warwickshire, UK, thanks to Virgin Media O2’s innovative approach. The drone, armed with a petite mobile base station, creates a nimble communication network, offering vital real-time data to rescuers.

Strengthening its lead in the telecommunications sphere, the UK Space Agency has recently allocated £20 million to further drone-based technologies and aerial connectivity initiatives. This exciting endorsement could dramatically shape the future of many sectors, from emergency services to healthcare, illuminating the transformative potential of drone-borne support systems. How will this funding amplify the UK’s fast-growing satellite communications industry and revolutionise our everyday lives? Dig deeper to find out!

Valmont Industries and T-Mobile achieve a breakthrough in infrastructure monitoring with an industry-first long-distance BVLOS drone inspection flight powered by 5G, highlighting enhanced safety, efficiency, and reduced costs. As the FAA grants more waivers, Valmont’s innovative approach revolutionizes critical inspections and sets the stage for nationwide drone-in-a-box services by 2024.

Qualcomm Technologies has developed a drone platform with an artificial intelligence and 5G-based reference architecture. The Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G platform aims to speed up the growth of commercial, corporate and industrial drones.   The Flight RB5 5G Platform is designed to serve as a foundation for commercial, enterprise and industrial drone development, assisting organizations in successfully capturing and processing data from drone cameras. The new 5G platform combines several complicated systems into a closely connected drone system. Mapping, inspection, film and entertainment, military, security and emergency response and delivery are some of the use cases for this technology.   The platform, which is powered by the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor, expands on Qualcomm Technologies’ most recent solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), delivering a solution that will power the next generation of high-performance, low consumption 5G drones. AI and machine learning are key to the platform, assisting in the…