TIM, also operating under the name Telecom Italia, is the largest Italian telecommunications services provider, offering telephony and mobile services as well as DSL data connectivity. The company has made every effort to maximize coverage in its fibre-optic rollout, bringing ultrabroadband to underserved areas and covering more than 2,000 districts in about 5 months. This increase in infrastructure is a key advancement in Italy’s growing need for connectivity in rural and sparsely populated areas across the country. As a result of this deployment, approximately 65% of households in these areas now have access to a high-speed connection, and in a short period, this initiative has taken an important step in bridging the digital divide in the country that TIM aims to fill by 2021. The fibre network currently covers 86% of the Italian population and it TIM aims to increase this figure to 90% by December, 2020. Although…