ExodusClouds, a global pioneer in cloud connectivity, has partnered with Epsilon Telecommunications, a global interconnectivity provider, to boost its global connectivity offering for enterprises across multiple industry verticals. ExodusClouds will serve enterprise customers across the telecommunications, finance, healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors with a white-labelled version of Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny.

Singapore based Epsilon Telecommunications, a global connectivity provider simplifying the connectivity for companies, applications and information worldwide as well as in the cloud, has been acquired for $145 million by KT Corporation, South Korea’s largest telecommunication operator.   Epsilon has 260 points of presence in 41 locations across 20 countries, including the Chinese mainland. Furthermore, the firm has data centers in London, New York and Singapore. The firm offers cloud, ethernet, SD-WAN, colocation and voice services, as well as its own network-as-a-service platform called Infiny.   “The acquisition of Epsilon by KT is a great milestone on our company’s journey and recognition of the hard work of our teams across the globe,” said Michel Robert, Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon Telecommunications. “The acquisition is a logical next step for both businesses and a fantastic opportunity for customers, partners and internal teams.”   KT purchased the company in collaboration with the…