Snom, the premium brand for IP based communications, is celebrating a successful year in business after reaping the rewards of its international outlook. This year, Snom’s business skyrocketed in both Spain and Italy. In other European regions, such as France, the United Kingdom and DACH, the manufacturer preserved its market share and it also increased its presence in the Middle East.

China’s telecommunication landscape is set for a potential paradigm shift as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) pilots a novel scheme to alleviate foreign ownership constraints in various value-added telecom services. Primarily trialed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, and Shenzhen, this bold change could stimulate innovation by aligning these industries with global trade norms.

Telcos worldwide are shifting their focus towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they navigate intensifying competition and changing economic conditions. This move comes as telcos recognize the potential of SMBs as drivers of economic growth and vital components of local business landscapes. GlobalData, a leading data and analysis company, highlights this strategic shift in a recent report.

Three UK’s latest financial report reveals a concerning swing to a loss, underscoring the company’s pressing need for a merger with Vodafone, as articulated by its chief executive. Despite experiencing growth in both revenue and customer base last year, the mobile operator faced increased capital spending and operating costs, leading to its first earnings loss in over a decade. This financial downturn has been a pivotal factor in advocating for the proposed merger with Vodafone, according to Three UK’s CEO, Robert Finnegan.

By the end of the first quarter 2018, revenues from the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market had outperformed those of DBMS (DataBase Management Systems), making CRM the largest market in the software industry. For the period January to December 2017, CRM software sales generated $39.5 billion, compared to $36.8 billion for DBMS. According to expert predictions, it is expected that revenues for CRM software will remain the top market performer for 2018, and will also show the highest growth rate of 16%. Growth will be driven by lead management, customer opinion management, and after-sales management software, each of which has been growing at over 20% during the past 18 months. The CRM solution providers covering the entire customer relationship cycle, including after sales service, are the fastest growing, thanks to their ability to cross-sell additional modules.