Telecommunication giant BT, in collaboration with Nokia and MediaTek, is exploring the potential of 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Recently conducted trials at BT’s research centre aimed at uncovering new use-cases for this technology, which, simplified and less complex than 4G, promises a more efficient IoT ecosystem. As suggested by BT’s Chief Networks Officer, Greg McCall, the RedCap technology could “unlock a new wave of innovation” within the 5G landscape.

Nokia, TPG and Mediatek are collaborating to showcase the power of carrier aggregation technology in live-streaming 360-degree broadcasts, a key element for future metaverse applications. The demonstration at Nokia’s 5G Futures Lab used multiple sub-6 GHz frequency bands to maximize 5G uplink speeds, enabling real-time transmission of high-quality video. The technology could revolutionize the viewing experience for TV, movies, sports and industrial metaverse scenarios such as remote-controlled robots performing hazardous tasks.

Breaking speed boundaries, Ericsson and MediaTek recently achieved an impressive 565 Mbps upload speed within the consumer 5G sector, sparking excitement about the potential of fixed-wireless access (FWA). This feat was made possible through the integration of two of Ericsson’s software features and MediaTek’s T830 chipset for 5G FWA routers. The growing importance of upload speed on multiple applications including online gaming, video streaming, and cloud storage is nudging broadband consumers into creators, underscoring the significance of this development.

Telefonica piloting blockchain across 8,000 companies Telecoms multinational Telefonica has teamed up with the Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE) to provide approximately 8,000 companies in Spain with access to a secure, decentralised blockchain network. Telefonica plans to launch a three-month pilot project that will encourage companies to develop their own decentralised applications on the blockchain at no extra cost, and will also allow them to experiment with their own digital tokens. Blockchain is being widely adopted in a variety of industries, especially in the field of IoT, where 75 percent of IoT technology users in the US already use blockchain or plan to do so by the end of 2020. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/t8z8p9d Samsung Galaxy Fold sales figures revealed, and they’re worse than earlier reports Samsung Electronics sold close to half a million of its Galaxy Fold smartphones last year. Speaking to the Yonhap News Agency at CES 2020,…