IONOS and Vodia have teamed up to provide a seamless cloud communications solution. Singaporean SMBs face a surge in cyberattacks, urging them to implement basic cybersecurity measures. Microsoft is launching a significant Windows 11 update featuring AI-driven Windows Copilot and enhanced features. Evolve IP focuses on making the future of work better through cutting-edge cloud collaboration technologies and emphasizes sustainability with fully carbon-neutral EMEA offices.

The EU’s strategic push under the Digital Markets Act has resulted in mega-tech firms Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft being labelled ‘gatekeepers’. With this new classification, pivotal changes are expected in the realm of digital services for end-users and businesses. Crucial guidelines centering around data transparency, competitiveness, and platform interoperability must now be adhered to. On the other side of the coin, brands such as Samsung have evaded the ‘gatekeeper’ tag.

Allot Ltd. is chosen by a major Asian telecom operator to provide Allot DNS Secure, offering cybersecurity threat protection and parental control features to over 50 million customers. Digital Locations unveils technology to connect smartphones worldwide to high-speed Internet from satellites, promising commercial success. Veeam integrates Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 with Microsoft’s new 365 Backup. Verizon showcases a point-to-multipoint internet solution using mmWave spectrum, reducing costs and complexities. Bridewell’s research warns of environmental challenges amplifying cybersecurity risks for over 80% of U.S. critical infrastructure organizations.

Top tech giants, including Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, have recently been identified by the European Commission under the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) as potential digital ‘gatekeepers’. These firms, commanding vast economic and influential prowess, now sit waiting during a 45 day review period that could officially brand them as such. Following the conclusion of the evaluation process, each company will need to navigate a six-month transition to achieve full compliance with the DMA directives. These guidelines are aimed at fostering competition and safeguarding both end-user rights and the interests of small scale businesses.

Microsoft and Salesforce have emerged as leaders in the low-code space for their integration of generative AI, according to a report by GlobalData, a prominent data and analytics company. The digital transformation era has fueled the demand for rapid app development and intelligent automation, prompting innovative enterprises to explore the potential of emerging technologies. The “Low-Code Platforms: Competitive Landscape Assessment” report by GlobalData highlights the fiercely competitive nature of the low-code market segment. Microsoft has strengthened its position by combining its Power Automate offering with the new Azure OpenAI service. On the other hand, Salesforce has been consolidating its Salesforce Flow/Automation and Einstein tools, including Einstein GPT CRM tools, within its Data Cloud platform. Charlotte Dunlap, Research Director at GlobalData, acknowledges the rapid entry of global public cloud platform providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon into the low-code market. These companies are launching strategies centered around visualization tools, automation…

AT&T has been named the most commonly impersonated brand in phishing attacks, according to a global report published by Cloudflare. The report identifies the top 50 brands most commonly impersonated by phishing URLs, based on data gathered by Cloudflare’s machine learning and data analysis tools.   The telecommunications powerhouse came in first, followed by PayPal and Microsoft. Cloudflare, which aims to build a better internet by delivering security, performance, and reliability services, discovered that the most frequently impersonated businesses were banking, technology, and telecommunications.    Phishing is the fastest-growing online crime, endangering both consumers and companies. By impersonating trusted sites, attackers attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, bank and cryptocurrency account details, or other sensitive data. They use an email, text message, or mistyped website link that appears to be from a well-known brand to dupe their victims.   Cloudflare, which protects roughly 20%…

NTT DoCoMo partners with Ericsson and Keysight on 6G NTT DoCoMo has announced the expansion of its experimental 6G trials, for which it has teamed with Ericsson and Keysight. The collaboration with Ericsson will concentrate on new 6G wireless interfaces for frequencies ranging from 6 to 15 GHz, as well as the sub-TeraHertz band, which encompasses frequencies exceeding 100 GHz. The collaboration with Keysight will put ultra-wideband communications across sub-THz frequencies to the test. DoCoMo has also announced that it is working on a RAN intelligent controller that will be interoperable with base station equipment from several Open RAN manufacturers. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/bdzy6j9f Huawei showcases its commitment to green technology During MWC2023, Huawei sponsored the European Carrier Executives Roundtable, where Zhou Yu, Huawei’s network consulting and system integration domain president, addressed Huawei’s value proposition and innovative techniques in the green target network domain. The observations and remarks emphasized Huawei’s…