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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #38

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IONOS and Vodia Collaborate to Simplify Secure Cloud Communications

IONOS and Vodia have joined forces to offer a comprehensive and worry-free cloud communications solution. This partnership enables current IONOS business customers to enhance their communication capabilities seamlessly, combining landline and mobile networks. Small-to-medium-sized enterprises can now provide profitable and user-friendly communication services. Additionally, software providers can expand their offerings with robust communication services. This collaboration also benefits IONOS business customers by giving them access to Vodia’s professional communication services. It offers a valuable opportunity for managed service providers, simplifies integration with SaaS platforms, ensures legal compliance, and prepares for future AI integration in business communications.

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Singapore SMBs Face Rising Cyber Threats

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in Singapore are experiencing a significant increase in cyberattacks, with 50 malware-infected files distributed to them in the first half of this year, resulting in 453 detected attacks—a three-fold rise compared to the previous year, according to Kaspersky. Cybersecurity experts warn that these attacks, including phishing and ransomware, are expected to continue rising. While SMBs may lack the resources of larger companies, they can reduce their risks by implementing basic cybersecurity measures like antivirus software and data backups. The Singapore government also offers support and funding for SMBs to enhance their cybersecurity.

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Windows 11 Update Unveils AI Copilot, Enhanced Features, and More

Microsoft is set to launch a major update for Windows 11 on September 26th, featuring the innovative AI-driven Windows Copilot, a revamped File Explorer, and Ink Anywhere for stylus users. Windows Copilot integrates Bing Chat, serving as a versatile sidebar to control settings, launch apps, and answer queries throughout the operating system. Additionally, improvements to File Explorer offer a modern interface with larger thumbnails and recent file visibility. The update also introduces Ink Anywhere for stylus input, a revamped Windows Backup app, and enhanced features in apps like Snipping Tool and Photos. A larger 23H2 update is expected to follow with more significant changes.

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Evolve IP to Enhancing Future Work Through Cloud Collaboration

Evolve IP, a global cloud collaboration specialist, has unveiled a fresh mission statement aimed at improving the future of work by leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based communication and collaboration technologies. The statement emphasizes their ‘work anywhere philosophy’ that distinguishes their partner channel, offering top-tier solutions from global technology vendors. This empowers their partners to deliver customer-centric solutions worldwide, supported by a carbon-neutral program. Evolve IP collaborates with major tech companies, providing scalable white-label solutions, and specializes in integrating unified communications, collaboration tools, voice, and omnichannel contact center solutions into the cloud. Their commitment to sustainability includes fully carbon-neutral EMEA offices.

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