The Italian government’s decision to acquire a stake in TIM’s NetCo operation could smooth the path for its sale. Undoubtedly, this move will give the government a stronger voice in future strategic decisions. Despite initial concerns regarding the re-nationalization of certain telecom assets, the involvement of the state-owned Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in the process and the pending approval from the EU suggest that there is a potential for a favorable outcome for TIM. Yet, potential hurdles include the disagreement over asset valuation with the French firm Vivendi.

Google Cloud has announced a new 10-year strategic partnership with the Canadian telecommunications company Telus. The two companies plan to work together on developing new services and products for several key industries, including healthcare, agriculture, security and connected homes.   Through this partnership, Telus will accelerate the adoption of its public cloud on the Google Cloud enterprise platform to ensure greater interoperability across its IT backbone and network infrastructure. Google Cloud will also become one of Telus’ partners in providing 5G services and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), which uses the Google Cloud-powered application platform Anthos.   Telus and Google Cloud will prioritize collaboration to improve their Canadian customers’ social, economic, environmental and health performance, and at the same time, work to reduce their carbon footprint. Telus will also use Google Cloud Contact Center AI to improve customer interaction and reduce costs.   One of the main areas of focus of…