Dialpad, a leading AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, has announced updates to their open app ecosystem. These advancements make it easier for customers to integrate their workflows and apps into a single effective workplace and adjust their workflows for improved communications and cooperation.   The App Marketplace includes integrations with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, and the newly added Bullhorn, ServiceNow, HubSpot, as well as Google ChromeOS Desk Connector. Customers may now consolidate all of their daily tasks into one pane thanks to these integrations. Customers may also quickly search for and find available  solutions based on  use cases or specific industry requirements.   Dialpad combines the most advanced AI Contact Center, AI Sales, AI Voice, AI Meetings and AI Messaging solutions in one. With over 3.5 billion minutes of real-time AI data, Dialpad is the only AI-powered customer intelligence company that is partnered across multiple Google business sectors, including Google Cloud,…