Dell’Oro Group’s RAN 2030 Advanced Research Report hints at long-term growth in the RAN market, suggesting investments could surpass $40 billion by 2030. Despite challenges like short-term boosts due to new technologies, infrastructural opportunities in Fixed Wireless Access and private networks might augment growth. The report also anticipates macro RAN deployments leading the 6G era. However, the analysis remains mindful of potential obstacles clouding this optimistic outlook.

IBM and Telefónica Argentina (Movistar) have announced a live, fully operational Open RAN network that will act as a proof of concept (PoC) for the delivery of commercial mobile services to the city of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, covering 81,000 urban residents. The launch allows for the testing of live, commercial traffic and provides an early proof point for the technology as it continues to develop.   IBM has led the system integration process, assembling components and systems from a number of software and hardware vendors, including Altiostar, Red Hat, Quanta, Gigatera and Kontron, from pre-integration all the way through to full deployment.   Open RAN is a state-of-the-art radio access network technology that enables interoperability for transforming a radio network into an open cloud environment in which multiple vendors can participate to create a better and more efficient service network. When using Open RAN, operators can combine hardware and software…