The Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson has introduced three new radios in its enterprise-level Massive MIMO portfolio, and bolstered their RAN Compute portfolio with six RAN Compute products to accelerate the 5G mid-band release and expand next-generation mobile technology.   Ericsson stated that the three new radios and six new RAN Compute products will enable operators to make better use of the full spectrum of mid-band, that is around 3.5 GHz. The products are powered by Ericsson Silicon, the company’s system on a chip (SoC), which provides advanced processing capabilities for the rapid development of energy-efficient, high performance networks and ensures greater security.   With the new mid-band spectrum, telecom service providers can leverage their 5G spectrum resources to deploy services quickly and efficiently, thereby  delivering higher quality and more responsive experiences to mobile broadband subscribers. Mid-band bridges speed, capacity and coverage gaps between low and high frequency…