Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based softswitch and billing solutions, has announced the launch of a new solution enabling VoIP service providers to sell services to users of Telegram.  Telegram is a fast-growing global social media platform with over 500 million active monthly users worldwide.   Telinta’s brandable solution enables its customers to offer both inbound and outbound VoIP calling to Telegram users around the world. By integrating its softswitch as part of Telegram’s global ecosystem, Telinta provides powerful cloud-based tools to offer VoIP calling via Telegram’s mobile app and its PC/MAC/Linux versions for desktop computers and laptops.    Using a brandable “bot” Telegram users can easily place calls to any PSTN phone number in the world. They can also receive inbound PSTN calls from mobile and landline phones right on their Telegram app. Options for free on-net peer-to-peer calling, as well as call recording are also available.   The…

The Russian News Agency TASS reported that Apple and Google have been asked by the Russian authorities to remove Telegram Messenger from their stores. The request has been made in April 17th after a court ordered four days earlier that Telegram be taken off, has the company issuing the app refused to comply with the FSB’s request. The FSB asked Telegram to share its data, a demand the company refused to accept. The Russian telecom watchdog sent a notification to users concerning the use of Telegram and issued a statement saying: “In order to anticipate Roskomnadzor’s likely response to the violations regarding the operation of the aforesaid Apple, Inc. services we are asking you to notify us within the tightest deadlines of the company’s further actions regarding the solution of these issues.”