Anticipate a sweeping change in home entertainment in South West England with broadband provider Truespeed’s partnership with Sky. Delivering ultra-fast broadband enriched with Sky TV and Netflix programming, this new package aims at offering premium digital connectivity alongside quality entertainment. An intriguing insight to the world of Sky Entertainment and Netflix is bundled with the high-speed internet from Truespeed for a rewarding viewing experience.

The surging interest in cloud-based applications represents a flourishing sector of the tech sphere, by providing an enhanced user experience and considerable savings on terminal investments. Telecommunication giant, ZTE, demonstrates this potential with their virtual STB (vSTB) solution in the television industry – a pioneering effort that bypasses traditional terminal downturns hampering TV service expansion. This solution effectively confronts challenges of limited service quality and hard adaptation processes linked with operator TV services, and eliminates sizable terminal outlays. Similarly, the cloud STB product presented by China Mobile and ZTE capitalises on China Mobile’s robust computing capacities and thus streamlines content broadcast to every terminal.