Sky-Netflix Ultrafast Bundle: Truespeed’s Wave of Entertainment Revolution

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Delighted customers in South West England can anticipate a new wave of home entertainment, as broadband provider Truespeed, in partnership with Sky, introduces ultrafast broadband infused with Sky TV and Netflix. A seamless blend of streaming entertainment and superb digital connectivity, the new package offers a holistic solution for those seeking superior network performance and high-quality programming.

Subscribers of Truespeed can look forward to a Sky Stream package that encompasses both Sky Entertainment and Netflix from 7th February 2024. This tailored package is set to be priced at only £23 per month for the first 18 months and will be applicable to both present and prospective customers of Truespeed’s Ultrafast Broadband.

Nelson Missier, Chief Commercial Officer at Truespeed beamed, “This is an exciting entertainment offer for our customers. More and more British customers stream video and TV channels through their internet connection. Truespeed’s broadband with world class Wi-Fi and ultrafast symmetric speeds is perfect for streaming video without buffering or lag. This partnership with Sky offers our customers a great way to watch their favourite TV channels and stream the latest box sets through their Sky Stream subscription. Combining two of the UK’s most popular entertainment packages with our full-fibre broadband will not only give our customers great savings but also offer them fantastic home entertainment delivered by Truespeed’s ultrafast network.”

Such a bundle marries the practicality of an excellent broadband connection with the need for quality entertainment. Essentially, it amplifies the features of Truespeed’s high-speed internet connection, offering subscribers an exciting glimpse into the vast world of Sky Entertainment and Netflix.

The convenience of the Sky Stream device, which can be installed instantly and requires merely a connection to Truespeed Wi-Fi to commence streaming, adds to the allure. With HD as standard, the device offers a multitude of on-demand streaming services, from Prime Video and Apple+ to Disney+, ITV, 4OD, and iPlayer, all through a single, unified interface. Additionally, it offers a vast line-up of standard Freeview channels.

Offer confirmation for Truespeed customers is straightforward. Once the broadband service is confirmed, they can access a secure link to embark on their new Sky Stream journey, or for further assistance, they can contact Truespeed’s Bath-based customer service team.

Since its inception in 2014, Truespeed has strived to deliver ultrafast broadband to diverse settings, from rural to semi-urban and suburban landscapes across South West England. Today, the company boasts over 95,000 homes ‘Ready for Service’, either connected or set for connection. Additionally, the service provider offers a variety of broadband packages, from 150 Mbps up to guaranteed speeds as speedy as 900 Mbps. This recent collaboration with Sky, therefore, not only refurbishes Truespeed’s service offerings but resonates a promise of perpetual, high-grade internet experience coupled with unrivaled home entertainment for households across the South West of England.

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