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In a robust move, Nokia is set to enhance 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with the unveiling of FastMile, two innovative solutions aimed at boosting indoor and outdoor coverage. This stride could revolutionize the industry, especially when considering wall attenuation effects on network capacity. FastMile’s outdoor solution cleverly sidesteps signal loss due to wall materials, while an intuitive mobile app assists users in determining the best placement for their receivers—shaping a route towards an optimal user experience in telecommunications.

Serving as key hubs in business communication, call and contact centers consistently enhance customer experiences in our digital era. In line with the sector’s advancements, DIDWW, a global provider of premium quality VoIP communications, two-way SIP trunking and SMS services, has announced its participation in the Call & Contact Centre Expo in London. Recognized as Europe’s premier summit for the telecoms sector, the Expo is set to bring together over 3,500 industry professionals, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities.

conXhub, a leading provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration platforms, has entered into a strategic partnership with DIDWW, a global telecom operator offering premium quality VoIP communications, two-way SIP trunking and SMS services for businesses and telecom carriers. Through the alliance with DIDWW, conXhub aims to extend its global reach, ensuring high quality voice services for unparalleled customer experience.

Amid growing inflation and swelling telecom budgets, the advent of 6G brings in costly implications tied to Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment. As these financial implications loom, The Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance proposes a different approach to 6G implementation that may spare existing 5G infrastructure from unnecessary renewal. They advocate an operator-driven decision process in refreshing the 5G RAN, maintaining that 6G upgrade should not compromise 5G user experience and should be software-upgradable on existing network elements. As 5G capex reaches its peak in markets like the U.S., NGMN’s stance could potentially redefine traditional strategies in introducing new generations of mobile technology.

Unveiling a new dimension to their collaboration, Ericsson and Google aim to enhance Cloud RAN solutions leveraging Google’s Distributed Cloud. This endeavor, targeting seamless automation, orchestration, and incorporation of AI and machine learning, promises wide-ranging benefits for communications service providers. Observations from the Ericsson Open Lab revealed the power of the Google Distributed Cloud in extending network functionalities, opening exciting new possibilities in the telecoms landscape.

Exploring efficient energy solutions, BT is turning to liquid cooling techniques to lower network switch power usage. Collaborations with Iceotope and Juniper hint at precision cooling for servers—a potentially industry-first initiative. Meanwhile, strategies with Immersion4, Nexalus, and Airsys run the gamut from full immersion to cooling-unit encased cold plates. Crucially, every energy-reduction experiment aids BT’s ambitious journey toward net-zero emissions by 2031.

Ooma, a prominent player in the realm of smart communications solutions, and Prologis Inc., a leading global logistics real estate firm, have joined forces to bring enhanced telecommunications services to Prologis’ Essentials platform users. This encompassing offering includes the Ooma Office business phone service, tailored to meet the communication and collaboration needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the innovative Ooma AirDial® POTS replacement solution.

The recent Huawei Network Summit 2023 in Jakarta became a milestone for the Asia Pacific telecom sector, reinforcing Huawei’s commitment to relentless innovation. The Summit demonstrated advanced solutions like the Intelligent Cloud-Network and novel products geared towards enhancing digital productivity. Focusing on the growing need for robust network operations amidst digital transformation, innovative strategies were introduced across various platforms. Transformative solutions promulgated include offerings for streamlined office networks, improved AI training efficiency and convergent network management.

Avaya, a global leader in customer experience solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract in the Unified Communications and Contact Centre categories at Sourcewell ─ the leading Government Cooperative Purchasing Organisation in North America with more than 500 competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities

Communication is essential for any business, whether it is to connect with customers, partners, suppliers, or employees. One of the leading providers of cloud-based communication solutions is Voicenter, an innovative international tech-telephony company that develops a wide variety of communication platforms based on secure cloud technologies.