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Telefonica and Entel are poised to merge their fiber infrastructure in Peru, with KKR being the expected majority stakeholder, following Telefonica’s previous success in other Latin American markets. This move anticipates significant expansion of Peru’s high-speed connectivity by leveraging KKR’s successful fiber ventures in Chile and Colombia, amidst the industry’s race to a digitally-empowered future. Details of the deal remain discreet as it awaits regulatory approval.

Tamares Telecom partners with Grid Telecom to create ANDROMEDA, a subsea optical fiber cable system connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, aiming to establish a new telecommunications corridor between Europe and the Middle East. This strategic alliance offers enhanced connectivity, network diversity, and low latency for wholesale customers across the region.

In an agreement with Altice Europe, Vodafone Group will roll out Fiber-to-the-Home in Germany as part of a €7 billion investment in its largest market. This collaboration complements Vodafone’s well-defined objectives for upgrading its current hybrid fiber cable network.   According to a statement released by the two corporations on Monday, FibreCo, a 50/50 fiber partnership between Vodafone and Altice, will deploy fiber optic lines to as many as 7 million residences in Germany. Approximately 70% of the cost will be covered by debt raised by the new company. The transaction is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2023.   The transaction is thought to yield Vodafone up to €1.2 billion in cash proceeds from Altice, which is projected to exceed Vodafone’s portion of stock commitments. The profits include €120 million upon closure, up to €487 million in deferred payments as additional homes are connected, and another…

Spain’s Telefónica has announced that it will sell a portion of its rural fiber network to a group led by France’s Credit Agricole and Vauban for roughly 1 billion euros.    According to a statement released by Telefónica, the financial group and the investment firm will buy a 45 percent stake in Bluevia, a provider of rural fiber, with a total valuation of 2.5 billion euros. Telefónica also stated that it anticipates the deal to be finalized by year’s end, subject to regulatory approvals.   Bluevia is a platform for managing and deploying fiber networks in underserved rural parts of Spain in collaboration with networks administered by third-party operators. The transaction takes place less than a month after Telefónica established their dedicated neutral wholesale FTTH provider, which is primarily focused on connecting areas comprising Spain’s lowest population densities.   As a neutral wholesaler, Bluevia will establish a fiber network in…