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Tamares Telecom partners with Grid Telecom to create ANDROMEDA, a subsea optical fiber cable system connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, aiming to establish a new telecommunications corridor between Europe and the Middle East. This strategic alliance offers enhanced connectivity, network diversity, and low latency for wholesale customers across the region.

Telstra, the largest Australian telecommunication company, has announced the launch of a new rapid restoration service for one of its busiest subsea cable routes in Asia. The company has joined forces with Ericsson and Ciena to ensure that their customers stay continuously connected. The solution offers carriers and cloud service providers increased network visibility, flexibility and reliable data access. Nadya Melic, Telstra’s head of Connectivity and Platforms, said the new service is now available on three of its intra-Asia routes, following the successful tests carried out in December 2018. “The Asian region presents one of the most challenging environments for subsea cable systems. Busy and shallow shipping ports in Hong Kong and Singapore, high-levels of fishing activity and an ecosystem prone to natural disasters, all threaten to disrupt or damage underwater infrastructure,” said Melic. The new rapid restoration service on the subsea network will be provided using…

Sparkle, the subsea cable subsidiary of TIM, has announced the successful completion of its first international VPN test secured with quantum encryption. This milestone was achieved in collaboration with Arqit Quantum, a leader in quantum-safe encryption, and Telsy, TIM’s cybersecurity-focused company. The proof of concept (PoC) involved establishing a secure Internet Protocol (IPsec) tunnel between Italy and Germany using Arqit’s Symmetric Key Agreement (SKA) Platform.

Internet connectivity in West Africa is in a fragile state due to substantial damage to critical undersea cables resulting in limited or non-existent service in regions including Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Benin. The impact is reportedly extreme, with ripple effects reaching as far as South Africa. Telecom giants MTN and Vodafone linked the disruptions to these cable issues.

Arelion and Telxius are collaborating to provide fully diverse, multi-terabit connectivity into Telxius’ landing stations in Boca Raton and Jacksonville, Florida. This fiber network expansion establishes Arelion Points-of-Presence (PoPs) at each Telxius landing station. For Telxius, it empowers customers with resilient Tier-1 optical transport and high-speed access to Arelion’s North American network. Together, Arelion and Telxius are making a significant investment in the Florida Peninsula to connect Latin American customers to North America through submarine and terrestrial systems.

Manx Telecom’s strategic partnership with Aqua Comms promises to bolster the Isle of Man’s telecommunications infrastructure by introducing secured subsea fibre accessibility. The move aims to meet growing digital demands, enhancing the island’s connectivity in terms of security, capacity and resilience. This expansion also future-proofs the needs of data centre users and fibre broadband consumers by catering to emerging technologies.