As Algar Telecom turns 70, the prominent Brazilian ISP continues to seize market share amidst 10,000 competitors. Serving 1.5 million customers across Brazil, they masterfully intertwine fiber broadband, wireless, and content services, satisfying the divergent needs of B2B and B2C consumers. The strategic blend of high-tech infrastructure and seamless customer experience propels Algar’s journey, pivoting on the indomitable broadband, termed as the “cardinal element”. Additionally, foreseeing the potential of the imminent 5G rollout, Algar’s game plan involves marrying fixed-line connectivity with wireless services, laying a robust groundwork for the future.

Amazon, the multinational technology company, has received the approval from America‘s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deploy 3,236 internet satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) and to provide the US with satellite-based broadband services. The project, named Kuiper, was first announced last spring with the intent to build a LEO satellite constellation that would have the potential to provide cost-effective broadband services to unserved and underserved communities around the world. A project of this magnitude requires a great amount of resources, therefore Amazon will invest more than $10 billion in the project. This investment will not only provide broadband services, but will also create workplaces and infrastructure around the United States. Dave Limp, senior VP at Amazon, commented: “There are still too many places where broadband access is unreliable or where it doesn’t exist at all. Kuiper will change that. Our $10 billion investment will create jobs and…