Yayzi Surprises Industry with 2.3-Gbps Broadband Launch

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In a surprising move, Blackpool-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) Yayzi has outpaced its larger competitors by introducing a 2.3-Gbps consumer broadband service. Leveraging CityFibre’s XGS-PON network, the service, which boasts a symmetrical throughput of up to 10 Gbps, sets a new standard in the UK ISP market.

Yayzi’s achievement is notable given that major players like Virgin Media O2 and BT’s Openreach are yet to offer multi-gig services. Virgin Media O2, which recently started selling XGS-PON services, lags behind with its fastest advertised broadband package at 1.13 Gbps. Openreach’s top speed is currently at 1 Gbps download/220 Mbps upload.

Vodafone, a CityFibre customer, plans to launch a 2.2-Gbps consumer service later this year after extensive XGS-PON trials.

Yayzi’s Chief Executive, Martin Gardner, expressed excitement about the innovative move, highlighting the high pre-orders and interest. Despite pricing at £50 per month with a £99 setup fee, Yayzi’s offering is competitive, with a fixed-price guarantee for three years.

Customers subscribing to Yayzi’s service receive unlimited data and a TP-LINK 2.5-Gb capable router with 2.5-Gb WAN and LAN ports. The ISP ensures a minimum speed guarantee of 2 Gbps over wired connections.

Unlike limited rollouts, Yayzi’s launch covers CityFibre’s entire XGS-PON network, reaching 90 percent of its fibre exchanges. CityFibre’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Ramsay, emphasized the growing global interest in multi-gig services, with three million UK homes now having access.

While Yayzi’s move challenges competitors, the long-term success hinges on sustaining commercial momentum and delivering consistent customer service. Nonetheless, the ISP has set a benchmark for the UK’s broadband providers, pushing the boundaries of what consumers can expect in terms of speed and affordability.

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