The transformative growth of AI is undeniably impressive but raises several concerns. Despite their potential for innovation, GenAI advancements could blur the line between fact and fiction, adding to the challenge of distinguishing authentic information. NTT calls for flexible but robust regulations to manage potential threats to trust and democracy, citing the need for education, copyright updates, and content labelling.

Pioneering a new age in software engineering, BT’s Digital Unit collaborates with Amazon Web Services, integrating the GenAI tool, Amazon CodeWhisperer—an AI equivalent to autocorrect for coding, proficient in 15 unique languages. Beyond code suggestion, CodeWhisperer ensures code safety and reliability, filtering out potential vulnerabilities, leading to a 12% automation of routine coding tasks.

In a strategic move to enhance the appeal of its smartphones, South Korean tech giant Samsung has joined forces with Google and Qualcomm, marking a significant collaboration in the tech industry. The focus of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series launch lies in the integration of generative AI, a result of the newfound partnership with Google Cloud.

In response to the rapid growth of the metaverse and generative AI sectors, the European Commission (EC) is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the competitive landscape. Margrethe Vestager, the Executive Vice President of competition policy, has issued Requests for Information (RFI) for both markets, urging stakeholders to share insights on competition levels and propose ideas on how antitrust regulations can sustain competitiveness.