Samsung Teams Up with Google and Qualcomm to Elevate AI in Galaxy S24 Series

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In a strategic move to enhance the appeal of its smartphones, South Korean tech giant Samsung has joined forces with Google and Qualcomm, marking a significant collaboration in the tech industry. The focus of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series launch lies in the integration of generative AI, a result of the newfound partnership with Google Cloud.

Janghyun Yoon, Head of the Software Office of the Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting shared values with Google in making technology more accessible. The Galaxy S24 series stands out as the pioneer smartphone featuring Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, a testament to months of collaborative effort between Google Cloud and Samsung teams.

Despite Samsung’s historical conflict with Google over market dominance, this partnership aims to leverage Google’s expertise in generative AI. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian emphasized the opportunity to create meaningful mobile experiences, with the Galaxy S24 series utilizing Gemini to deliver cutting-edge AI applications.

Distinctive features include early access to ‘Circle to Search,’ allowing users to initiate an AI-infused Google search by drawing a circle on the smartphone screen. However, questions arise about the extent of Google’s awareness of user activities on Android phones.

Qualcomm plays a crucial role in the equation, as the Galaxy S24 phones become early adopters of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoCs. These chips boast advanced AI capabilities, contributing to an extraordinary user experience, according to Chris Patrick, GM of mobile handsets at Qualcomm.

The reliance of Android vendors on Google and Qualcomm for key features is a longstanding challenge compared to Apple. However, geopolitical factors, particularly between China and the U.S., may obstruct competitors like Xiaomi and Oppo in the AI race. Samsung’s shift towards collaboration instead of attempting to reinvent the Android wheel is seen as a pragmatic response to industry challenges.

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