Cisco has released a sneak peek at its next-generation hybrid work collaboration tool. Webex Hologram is the industry’s first real-time meeting solution that combines feature-packed Webex meeting capabilities with immersive 3D holograms using augmented reality headgear.   Webex Hologram is a solution that will add augmented reality to the company’s collaboration platform. Webex Hologram claims to produce lifelike, real-time holograms of actual people when used with AR headsets like Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.   This innovative technology provides a “1 to many” presenter experience, which allows for remote involvement from several users. In contrast to other services that restrict usage to fixed angle views, all users can now concurrently enjoy a multi-dimensional experience. The presenter may communicate using both physical and digital content using Webex Hologram, allowing participants to co-create and actually interact.   Jeetu Patel, executive vice president and general manager, Cisco Security and Collaboration, commented: “Webex Hologram…