Hrvatski Telekom carries forth its successful collaboration with Netcracker Technology to inject Netcracker’s Revenue Management into its digital business. The expected upgrade offers pivotal automatization of postpaid charging, simultaneous interaction with multiple internal and external revenue elements, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service quality.

Netcracker Technology allies with Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand’s largest mobile carrier. Aiming to centralize AIS customer billing systems through Netcracker Revenue Management, this collaboration ensures efficient marketing preparations and amplified sales view. It’s a significant overhaul of IT infrastructure that boosts business agility and performance. This partnership focuses on cloud-based IT, compliance with major industry standards, and facilitating customer-centric clouds.

Netcracker’s GenAI Telco Solution, a revolutionary tool that leverages generative AI models to enhance telecom operations, promises to reshape customer experiences and streamline automation. The tool facilitates personalised interaction while anonymizing telecom data and is compatible with widely used GenAI models. Amidst privacy and security concerns, it offers a secure gateway to harness telecom data, promising to boost business value extraction and maximize productivity.