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Harnessing Generative AI: Netcracker’s Revolutionary Telco Solution

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Netcracker has launched a revolutionary tool under the banner GenAI Telco Solution, which aims to optimise telecommunications operations by leveraging generative AI models. By harnessing this tool, operators will have the ability to augment customer experiences, boost automation and increase productivity. This comes as a direct response to the dynamic and highly specialized nature of the telco industry, where confidentiality and frequent change characterise data, posing challenges for real-time data utility.

This state-of-the-art GenAI Telco Solution comes packed with features to build, scrutinize and augment telco-focused applications like customer service, business operations, sales, and network operations. Interestingly, it also introduces the GenAI Trust Gateway that interfaces with the telco IT and data analytics infrastructure and functionally in real time. It facilitates personalized prompts and also anonymizes sensitive telco data.

An appealing aspect of its integration is its compatibility with highly-used commercial GenAI models. This singular approach allows operators to select the right combination of public and private models, catering to their specific preferences, thereby layering a specialized tool atop the core AI capabilities.

Roy Chua, Founder and Principal Analyst at AvidThink Research said, “The telco industry is extremely complex, and extracting value from its valuable yet highly proprietary data requires an in-depth understanding of the entire telecom business.” Chua went on to note that “Netcracker is in a strong position to fill that important role with its new solution, which will broaden the scope and usefulness of generative AI technology across all telco domains and make it securely accessible.”

This sophisticated solution paves the way to securely tap into telco data for the maximisation of value from multiple GenAI models and platforms. Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker emphasised the importance of addressing data privacy, security, and quality concerns when leveraging such data, stating: “Our solution and library of interaction models allow service providers to quickly generate tangible business value from GenAI for their customers and their internal operations.”

Service providers’ direct customer relationships and the wealth of data they provide, admirably equip them to explore new bespoke business opportunities or efficiencies, similar to what’s been forecasted with network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), a current hot topic at MWC.

Although much of this remains to be seen, Netcracker claims to have prepared off-the-shelf use cases for each sector of the telco business with the GenAI Telco Solution. This ready-to-use product could certainly attract operators wishing to delve into the burgeoning world of generative AI, providing a competitive edge while balancing tight budgets.

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