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Netcracker-AIS Partnership: Revolutionizing Telecommunications Billing Systems

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Netcracker Technology has announced its partnership with Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand’s largest mobile operator, in a strategic move to consolidate billing systems for all AIS customers via Netcracker Revenue Management. A key part of the Netcracker Digital BSS scheme, this development promises accelerated market readiness, an integrated perspective on sales revenue, enabled product bundling and enhancement of customer experience.

The Netcracker Cloud Platform will be the primary foundation for a detailed IT infrastructure reshaping initiative, aggressively driving business performance and agility. Additionally, AIS will leverage Customer Billing Management and Converged Rating & Charging, unique features of Netcracker Revenue Management, all while incorporating CI/CD methodologies for smooth and continuous updates.

The cloud-native IT stack, alliance with the most significant industry standards like TM Forum APIs, the capacity to deploy customer-facing clouds through a SaaS model, improved operations and system upgrades and reduced TCO were key factors motivating AIS to extend its association with Netcracker.

“Having a converged billing platform that conforms to an industry-aligned architecture and supports different deployment models and the ability to test and roll out new products and offers will give us a significant advantage in our market,” Suppachai Panichayunon, Head of Solutions Business Unit at AIS, said, adding that the success over the years with Netcracker validates their decision to prolong their collaboration.

Yaniv Zilberman, Vice President at Netcracker, also expressed his excitement about the partnership. He stated, “Our long history with AIS has given us many opportunities, including this latest engagement. We are excited to take the next step with AIS to help create a next-generation IT landscape that will support current and future business needs.”

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