Huawei and its VR OpenLab business partners introduced the Dual-G Cloud VR Initiative at the 16th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS). The companies contributing to this initiative include Nvidia, BOE, Cyber Cloud, Letin VR, Skyworth VR, Pico, DPVR, iQIY, and Growlib, and together they will promote continuous innovation in the industry and accelerate the large-scale commercial use of Cloud VR. Under this initiative, Huawei’s iLab and X Labs will function as incubation centers to cooperate with platform, content, and terminal service providers, as well as chip and screen vendors. The participants will have the opportunity to build Gigaband and 5G Cloud VR business products and explore possibilities regarding gigabit home broadband and 5G. Richard Jin, President of the Huawei Transmission and Access Product Line, said, “With joint promotion by industry partners and global operators, the Cloud VR industry is booming. Thanks to the extensive collaboration of all parties…