Nokia, in collaboration with the HellasQCI consortium, has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of quantum-safe connectivity infrastructure. The joint initiative aimed to assess the viability of quantum-safe solutions across diverse sectors, including government, research, education, defense, law enforcement, and private sector critical infrastructure owners.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and SK Telecom have inked an agreement, initiating a strategic collaboration to advance the quantum tech ecosystem. Connexion between this MoU and an earlier South Korean – Luxembourg agreement hints towards a momentous ‘quantum Internet of Things’. Meanwhile, telecom operators globally look to leverage quantum technology’s disruptive potential towards traditional data security protocols. SK Telecom, recognized for its pioneering quantum work, also boosts its pursuit in the AI realm, underlined by a significant investment in AI firms.

Taking dynamic major strides in the quantum computing sector, T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom’s IT wing, is partnering with IQM Quantum Computers, offering its customers unique access to the complexities and potential of IQM’s quantum infrastructure. Leveraging the power of quantum mechanics and harnessing the elusive ‘qubits’, this promising collaboration forms a critical intersection of cloud technology and quantum computation, manoeuvring towards transformative problem-solving capabilities.