Intel and Exfo release tool for 5G issue detection Operators will be able to monitor a 5G network in real time thanks to a new solution developed by Exfo, a Canadian telecommunications testing company, and Intel, a US chip manufacturer. The new service, dubbed “Exfo’s full-stack assurance solution,” is marketed as a way for 5G network operators to detect and correlate service degradation concerns.The software is said to combine system, monitoring, and telemetry data flows, monitor them in real time, and respond quickly if a fault is detected. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/9x66wd2z Qualcomm’s €1 billion antitrust punishment lifted Qualcomm was fined €997 million by the EU in 2018, in what was considered as a major victory for regulators over ‘big tech.’ The General Court, Europe’s second-highest court, has now overruled this order. The complaint concerns Qualcomm’s payments to Apple running into the billions of dollars between 2011 and 2016 to…