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Red Oxygen Joins Communications Alliance: Boosting Australia’s Telecom Connectivity and Innovation

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Red Oxygen, a leading short message service (SMS) solutions provider, has recently joined Australia’s Communications Alliance. This organization aims to provide a unified voice for the Australian communications industry, and ultimately, lead towards the next generation of converging networks, technologies, and services. As a member of the alliance, Red Oxygen intends to contribute to the growth of the Australian communications industry, enhancing connectivity for everyone and promoting high standards of business behavior.

Tom Sheahan, CEO of Red Oxygen, stated, “The Communications Alliance is active in countless aspects of the industry environment and is working to keep Australian communications cooperative and innovative. We’re proud to be promoting industry progress through the organization by being more involved and active in these critical conversations that affect Australians.”

Though headquartered in San Francisco, California, Red Oxygen was originally founded in Australia and currently operates a fully-staffed office in Queensland. As part of the Communications Alliance, the company will participate in various industry events and engage in conversations promoting sustainable industry development, innovation, and growth.

Red Oxygen has worked with top global brands, including Philips, Orkin, Skechers, Southern Methodist University, Siemens, Yamaha, and more. Trusted to send over 400 million messages across more than 50 countries, Red Oxygen continues to expand its influence and presence within the industry. By joining the Communications Alliance, the company aims to foster innovation and contribute to the overall growth of the Australian communications industry.

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