Navigating uncharted territory in the telecommunications ecosystem, Stratospheric Platforms Limited (SPL) alongside other UK giants, aims to forge advanced airborne 5G connectivity. With an ambitious endeavor backed by Britten-Norman and Marshall Futureworx, the collaborative effort seeks to birth a High-Altitude Platform with an airborne antenna – a revolution steering us to high-performing 5G from the stratosphere itself. Imagine an unmanned aircraft, fuelled by liquid hydrogen, its vast wingspan of 56 meters and lightweight structure promising flight endurance of over a week.

8×8 partners up with Pax8 8×8, the provider of a leading integrated cloud communications platform, announced that Pax8, a cloud solutions platform, has become a strategic partner and has joined the 8×8 Open Channel Program. In accordance with the agreement, Pax8 is now offering their US partners an 8×8 Open Communications Platform that combines voice, team chat, meetings and a contact center in one solution, allowing organizations to move to the cloud. According to Pax8, the two companies will work together to support their partners as they help customers accelerate their digital transformation efforts, ensure business resilience, and improve employee experience and engagement. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/y3xg4fu4 Telefónica aims at partnership with Allianz According to Spanish media reports, the telecommunications giant Telefonica is seeking to partner with a private equity subsidiary of the German insurance company Allianz, to launch a fiber-optic joint venture worth about $5.8 billion. The joint venture,…