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network architectures


In a groundbreaking development, Project Kuiper has revealed the successful testing of advanced optical communications payloads on its prototype satellites, KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2. The optical inter-satellite link (OISL) capabilities, previously kept confidential, demonstrated the ability to maintain 100 Gbps links over a distance of nearly 621 miles during testing in October.

Imagine assembling an intricate Lego structure – that’s precisely what building next-gen telecommunication networks feels like. Networks giant Cambium offers unique ‘Lego-like’ solutions that breathe life into the creative architectures planned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A spectrum of technologies encompassed by Cambium’s ONE Network – ranging from outdoor Wi-Fi access points to top-tier security – weaves a seamless tapestry from edge to cloud. But, it’s not all about gear and wires. Cambium’s technology is a fusion of robust security, user-friendliness, and high-grade end-user experience.

Verizon Business has announced that it will provide a variety of network connectivity options to Siemens, a German global technology business, in order to maintain the security of its employees’ devices and data. The solutions will provide Siemens employees in smaller office locations with a smooth “plug and play” user experience while emphasizing security and zero trust principles. Siemens’ zero-trust initiative demands that all employee devices be verified, approved and continually checked before access to mission-critical applications and data is granted or retained. Verizon Business will implement an “internet only” connection, such as a global Managed Wide Area Network based on Cisco Meraki technology, which is vital to the success of the Siemens’ “never trust, always verify” program. According to Sanjiv Gossain, EMEA Vice President, Verizon Business, an intelligent network may make underlying architectures more agile by controlling traffic and improving operational efficiency. He noted that while every…

NEC launches “NEC cotomi Pro” and “NEC cotomi Light,” advanced gen AI models. Lumos will be acquired by a joint venture of EQT and T-Mobile to expand high-speed internet access. CEA-Leti leads EU projects 6G-DISAC and 6G-GOALS, revolutionizing 6G technology through smart networks. Sanas obtained a patent for its Real-Time Accent Conversion AI Technology, enabling call center agents to adapt accents and reduce background noise. GlobalData’s report highlights how startups are innovating in AI-driven medical diagnostics, IT management, and financial operations.

In a groundbreaking move, Viasat, Inc., alongside Terrestar Solutions, Ligado Networks, Omnispace, and Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat), have come together to announce the formation of the Mobile Satellite Services Association (MSSA). This new consortium is set to enhance and promote the burgeoning Direct-to-Device (D2D) communication landscape, promising to deliver unprecedented scale and diversity in mobile satellite services.