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Fiber Network Architectures for Rural America: TIA Webinar

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has announced a live webinar on June 20th. In the webinar expert speakers will discuss various network architecture options for delivering fiber optic connectivity to homes in rural America. This webinar is closely connected to the BEAD Program. It presents a significant opportunity for states and network providers to cooperate and make broadband accessible for everyone.

The webinar is titled “Preparing for the BEAD Program: Bringing Fiber to the Home for Rural America.” It aims to explore the necessity of different fiber access network architectures due to varying environments and housing densities. The discussion will also cover the benefits of these architectures. It will also cover other considerations for addressing deployment challenges within a limited fiber-skilled labor pool.

Confirmed guest speakers include Craig Culwell, Director of Market Development for Network Connectivity & Cable at CommScope, John Greene, CEO of New Lisbon Holdings, and Christopher Barnes, Senior Grants Development Consultant at Grants Office, LLC.

These speakers intend to provide information on the wide range of fiber broadband network architectures. They will also intricate factors affecting environmental and population density levels. They will also talk about suitable solutions for connecting unserved and underserved regions across the country.

The TIA represents over 400 global companies working to facilitate high-speed communications networks and accelerate innovations in the ICT sector. By engaging in international advocacy, technology programs, standards development, and business performance solutions, the TIA and its members support the advancement of global connectivity across every industry and market.

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