Unveiling Cambium Networks: Transforming Networking Infrastructure

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Create, connect, and imagine with a child’s playfulness. That’s what it feels like when assembling Lego blocks. Not surprisingly, a similar promise echoes in the corridors of Cambium Networks, a distinguished provider of broadband wireless network infrastructure. Their integrated solutions serve as the ‘Lego’ pieces that bring internet service providers’ (ISP’s) creative architectural vision to life.

At the core of this transformative technology is Cambium Networks’ ONE Network. It permeates every corner of the networking infrastructure landscape, from outdoor and wall plate Wi-Fi access points to indoor switches. Notably, ONE Network also deploys top-tier security and SD-WAN solutions, as well as fixed wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions across various bandwidths. And let’s not forget the full-featured fiber optics Combo (GPON/XGS-PON) technology that completes its exhaustive list of offerings.

Through a culmination of these technologies, the ONE Network offers a comprehensive view from edge to cloud, allowing operators to manage different technologies from a central location. The result? A sublime concoction that combines simplicity, security, and a highly optimized end-user experience.

Add to this intelligent automation and centralized management tools, Cambium Networks is like a trustworthy high-skilled technician, steadfastly present at every installation, upgrade, or provisioning process. And with the advent of demanding digital experiences like AR/VR and almost-standard 4k and 8k streaming devices, having a friend like Cambium in the broadband corner is a comforting reassurance.

But it does not just stop at promises. Cambium Networks ties up with Winncom Technologies, creating a powerful alliance aimed to support every phase of a product’s lifecycle, right from design to after-sales support. Revered as a global distributor of wireless and wired broadband equipment, Winncom is known for its wide-ranging products, scalable solutions, and quality customer service.

Winncom’s arsenal boasts some of the best engineers in the industry. Equipped with rigorous training and countless field experiences, they readily provide their expertise in RF design and engineering services, ensuring efficient, reliable, and cost-effective networks. If you wish to know more about what they can offer, do drop by booth 48a at Connected Britain 2023.

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